Oracle HCM: Learning Cloud

As an interaction designer at Oracle, I worked on the web and mobile applications of the Learning Cloud, in which we were striving to empower the learner by integrating the employee‘s career development and social activities into a valuable and engaging learning, sharing and growing experience.

Partnering with PMs, strategists and researchers, I owned the designs of Specializations and Courses, including learner self-service and learning specialist views, from concept exploration to visual design. The Learning experience is also being optimized for mobile and wearables.

In this case study


You probably never liked corporate trainings...

...because they are tedious and seem to have nothing to do with your career. Even if they can teach you something, the process and presentation is expected to be boring. You put up with these all alone without an estimation on when they can be finished. You have no idea what they can do for you and whether they worth your time.

Using your company’s Learning system only for compliance trainings?

Losing track of materials required by your boss that have due dates?

Fed up with negatively accepting tasks that you don’t care?

What if someone you respect recommends helpful online courses and videos to you?

How about signing up for courses, following the learning path and earning a certification?

What if you can put together a tutorial to share your expertise with co-workers?

If there is an engaging and organized way of learning, through which you can keep your skills up-to-date and share knowledge with co-workers, will things be different? In our focus groups and user feedback sessions, we asked our users what they expect before they decide to sign up for a course or certification training, and their answers were mainly about value and commitment:

“What will the course do for me? What kind of career choices would that help me with? Is it tied to my performance review?”

“How many courses do I have to take? How long will it take me to earn the certification? I’m expecting to have a clear path that helps me to see progress and outcomes.”

Designing Oracle Social Learning and Formal Learning on different platforms including Web, mobile and watch applications, I always keep in mind the following keywords:



Having a hard time tracking your progress and staying motivated?

In the formal learning context, a Specialization is a continuous learning path that may contain several sections with multiple online or in-person courses in each section, and provides certifications or competencies as the outcome. A Specialization usually comes with a certain number of required courses and a due date. Thus, for users who oftentime have full-time jobs and take the Specialization for professional enrichment, it‘s important for them to be able to track their progress and manage their learning activities in an organized and timely fashion.


What I learned from the Learning project

It was a great opportunity to be able to keep learning while designing a brand new Learning product. I drew a sketchnote to help myself reflect on and digest my takeaways from this project:


Interaction design, visual design, prototyping


2015.7 - 2016.6


Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, inVision, Principle