DigitalOcean: Insights / Monitoring

Increasing users' confidence on app health and infrastructure performance

At DigitalOcean, I worked as a product designer with the Insights team to provide tools for users to monitor the health of their applications and infrastructure effectively. We aim at guiding users to diagnose issues and remedy them as soon as possible; moreover, we want to help users follow best practices and take proactive steps to improve their app experience and infrastrucure performance.

We refreshed the Insights experience for Kubernetes and Managed Database, updated data visualization components, and came up with design proposals for Uptime Checks and the Monitoring Revamp.

In this case study, I'll be sharing the journey designing the Uptime Monitoring experience.


Product manager, back-end and front-end engineers


UX design,
user research


Sketch, Figma, Principle,
Lookback (remote testing)


2018.10 - 2019.7