Hi, I’m Mengdi

Product designer based in NYC.

Nice to meet you! As a UX designer, my goal is to help and empower people with delightful experience and better relationships. I’m striving to create emotional connections and social values through design.

I’m currently designing at DigitalOcean. Previously, I was a product designer at Jet.com. Before moving to the East Coast, I worked at VMware and Oracle, trying to make enterprise applications more human. I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Information in 2015, specializing in HCI.

When I’m not designing digital products, I can be found carving and making prints and exploring different art formats. I also co-host a mandarin design podcast UX Coffee (shout out to our awesome barista team and guests).

Want to get in touch? Feel free to drop me a line or download my resume.

Flight Deck

Designing workflows and insights to help Category Managers grow their business and improve shopping experience at Jet.com and Walmart eCommerce.


Let’s mindfully organize and share the moments in our lives that are most meaningful and unique.

Workspace ONE

At VMware, how we made it easy and delightful for people to use work apps and services while accounting for security and business needs for our customers.


Making test-prep effective and delightful - A website that helps students prepare for the TOEFL test and improve English.

Oracle Learning Cloud

Empower the learner by integrating career development and social activities into a valuable learning and growing experience.


I sweat over details but also enjoy organic, imperfect strokes. When I carve and print, I'm completely focused and honest.