VMware Workspace ONE

Humanizing the Digital Workspace

We can think of Workspace ONE as an App Store for business, which allows us to easily use apps and services we need at work. But beyond that, it’s also trying to improve an employee’s overall work life by providing access to resources and help, enabling self-service, sharing news and events, and connecting users with coworkers. How might we offer support and let the user communicate with their organization seamlessly? How might we shield our users from the complexity of technology and company IT policies? How might we engage them in a way that fits into their work and life?

Collaborating with the Design Lead, UX Researcher and Art Director, I worked on the new version of Workspace ONE across platforms including iOS, Android, desktop web and macOS. From conception to production, I partnered with PM, Engineering and QA teams, delivering wireframes, visual mockups, illustrations, animations and prototypes. Workspace ONE v3.0 Web and iOS app was released in June 2017, followed by Android and Windows. Following that, the team continued working on the next releases and ideate for future concepts to create a supportive and delightful service that makes our users’ lives easier and increases value for customers.

Check it out on App Store, Google Play, and VMware’s marketing website.

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Shout out to our awesome design lead Yaping, researcher Jen, creative strategist Yong, engineer Brooke, UX director Brian, PM director Vinay, and all the engineers and PMs on the Workspace ONE team who are dedicated to optimizing the experience for our users and customers. Huge thanks to my manager Garima, who has been providing great feedback and motivating me to keep going. Thank you all for the guidance, teamwork and forgiveness. I’ve been learning so much from this journey.

An animated sticker I made for the End User Computing UX team


Design: Design Lead, Researcher, Art Director and me
Product & Engineering: 6 PMs and 6 Engineering teams working on different platforms


Interaction design, visual design,
illustration, prototyping


Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Principle


2016.8 - 2018.1